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I am having issues getting this cast to work.

The compiler tells me value aNumber is not a member of object Char

def runCastTest() {  
  val aNumber = 97  
  val aChar = (Char)aNumber

  println(aChar) // Should be 'a'  

What am I doing wrong?

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You are not casting. With (Char)aNumber you are trying to invoke a method aNumber in the object Char:

scala> val aNumber = 97
aNumber: Int = 97

scala> val aChar = (Char)aNumber
<console>:5: error: value aNumber is not a member of object Char
        val aChar = (Char)aNumber

You can do

scala> aNumber.asInstanceOf[Char]
res0: Char = a

or as Nicolas suggested call toChar on the Int instance:

scala> aNumber.toChar
res1: Char = a
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As everything is an Object in scala, you should use aNumber.toChar.

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Your explanation is misleading. One might think that toChar is defined on any object in Scala. –  NightRa Feb 24 at 17:34

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