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In my application I append a date received from the user in a dd/mm/yyyy format for example("11/11/2010") to a selection list using ajax and js.erb file

my selection list code is

<select name="hour[reported_date]" id="customDate_link_hours">
    <option value="Today">Today</option>
    <option value="Yesterday">Yesterday</option>
    <option value="Custom_range">Select Date</option>

in the controller I assign the date which is received from the user to a @display_date variable


in the js.erb file i do


the function is working ok but i getting very strange final input
for example, if i add the date "18/11/2010" the received appended value to the select list is "0.013888888888"
if i get the date "2/11/201" the received appended value to the select list is "0.00009045687471733".
I suspect that the problem is in the "/" character of the date format because when i tried to enter some other strings like "18112010" every thing was working ok
I will mostly appreciate if someone could tell me what to do in order to solve this

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You need quotes around your ERB block:


Right now Javascript is seeing a literal 2/11/201 and treating it as a division.

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great !!! it is working !!!! THANKS!!!! –  winter sun Nov 18 '10 at 17:16

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