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I have the following class:

class Point2D

            double x;
            double y;
            double getX() const {return this->x;}
            double getY() const {return this->y;}


Sometimes I need to return x coordinate, sometimes y coordinate, so I am using pointer to the member function getX(), getY(). But I am not able tu return coordinate, see below, please.

double ( Point2D :: *getCoord) () const;

class Process
   public processPoint(const Point2D *point)

      //Initialize pointer
      if (condition)
         getCoord = &Point2D::getX;
         getCoord = &Point2D::getY;

      //Get coordinate
      double coord = point->( *getCoordinate ) (); //Compiler error



Thanks for your help.

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for slightly more complex situations, I would use states (state pattern), but for this, it seems okay (now that James has given the solution) – stefaanv Nov 18 '10 at 16:26

You need to use the ->* operator to call a member function via a pointer:

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