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Under Windows we use DebugView to monitor trace and debug outputs of our .NET application. Since we are currently porting the application to mono on Linux I wonder if there's a similar tool.

We're currently using log4net with the TraceAppender, but basically any solution that works with log4net would do.

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Maybe log2console works for you. This software can listen to the output of a UDP Appender (with XmlLayout pattern). The application is written in .Net so maybe it is not too hard to port it to mono.

Alternatively you could use Apache Chainsaw (use the XmlLayoutSchemaLog4j format in that case).

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There is an updated version of Chainsaw (soon-to-be-released version with lots of bug fixes, better support for search, filtering and tailing regular text log files) - developer snapshot available here: – Scott Nov 19 '10 at 1:17
Somehow I couldn't get XmlLayoutSchemaLog4j to work but it still seems to be the best solution around. – sunside Dec 9 '10 at 12:14

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