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Okay, so what I wanted to do was to use DOM introspection to recursively analyze the current state of the DOM and return it as a single, formatted string to be displayed elsewhere. Either standard DOM functions or JQuery would be sufficient for my purposes. So far I've tried things like

var txt = $("body").tagName;
var txt = $("body").get();
var txt = $("body").nodeName;
var txt = new String($("body").tagName);

Everytime I try one of these it will either return the node object itself, or undefined. How do I get it so that I can get a string such as body or < body > returned instead of the object itself?
For that matter, how would I get the name and value of an attribute returned as a string?

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You need to use get(n) to obtain the original DOM node from a jQuery object if you want to look at it's DOM properties, where n is the nth element in the jQuery object.

nodeName will get you the name of the node in uppercase, and getAttribute('attributeName') or simply .attributeName can be used to obtain the value of an attribute.

// Contrived example; returns BODY
var n = document.body.nodeName;

// Get the value of an attribute from an element
var n = document.getElementById('id').title;

// Unsupported attribute's value need to be obtained through `getAttribute`
var n = document.getElementById('id').getAttribute('placeholder');

Look at this table for a full list of DOM functions and properties: http://www.quirksmode.org/dom/w3c_core.html

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To get the tag name you can use: $("body")[0].tagName;

To get the attributes of an element in an object you can use: $("body")[0].attributes; Loop through that object to get the key/value pairs.

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var txt = $("body")[0].tagName;

Note: it'll return the tagName in uppercase lettering.

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"Note: it'll return the tagName in uppercase lettering." Probably. – lonesomeday Nov 18 '10 at 18:27

document.getElementsByTagName("div")[0].tagName for generic.

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Using jQuery u can get tag of the object like this:

var txt = $("body").attr("tagName"); //returns "BODY" (uppercase)

For any other attribute insert the attribute's name:

var txt = $("div").attr("class"); //returns class of the div
var txt = $("a").attr("title"); //returns title of the anchor

Here is the documentation for .attr() method: http://api.jquery.com/attr/

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