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I am having trouble sending email from my app at Google App Engine. I am experiencing several newbee hurdles and I would appreciate your help.

I take this function from the tutorial and for the "sender" field I put my gmail account that I used to create the app:

                       subject="test email from app", 

when I try this, I get the error:

InvalidSenderError: Unauthorized sender 

But the email


is the email I use to log into the app; this is the email I used to create the app.

The tutorial says:

The email address of the sender, the From address. The sender address must be one of the following types: The address of a registered administrator for the application. You can add administrators to an application using the Administration Console.

So the email I used to create the app should work as a sender. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

(I asked the same question in GAE group but there was no reply)

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I read that aliases and nicknames through google apps won't be recognised as their underlying address so maybe that's the problem. I approached this just a few days ago and after making sure all sender addresses were listed in the 'permissions' section of the application console, it all worked fine.

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the sender address I use to send the email is exactly the same email that is listed in the Permissions section. I just doublechecked now. What are aliases and nicknames through google apps? I am using the email as copied exactly from the Permissions in the dashboard. Thanks. – Zeynel Nov 18 '10 at 18:17

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