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ok so i have this call


location is

>> location = Location.find 4
=> #<Location id: 4, venue: "Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park - Melbourne Vic, ...", 
showdate: "2010-11-20", created_at: "2010-10-28 01:20:42", updated_at: 
"2010-10-28 01:20:42", band_id: nil, artist_name: "Metallica">


this call is returning two records "One" and "one" because they are saved that way in the db....any idea on how to redo the group_by to only return one record with both

I am using sqlite

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Group_by can also take a code block. So instead of:



location.requests.group_by{|i| i.song.downcase}

See here for pertinent documentation.

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