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I used to default export option in reporting service to export the report in CSV format.

my table result is

         sno   sname     values          method
         1      aaa       123,124,145     aa
         2      bbb       234,454,565     bb
         3      ccc       454,511,455     cc

This table value i exported in csv format that time display wrong alignment...

         sno   sname     values        method          
         1      aaa       123           124        145     aa
         2      bbb       234           454        565     bb
         3      ccc       454           511        455     cc

is it possible to comma is no need to separate the value in csv....

plz help me soon....

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comments like "plz help me soon...." will not encourage SO users to help you any faster. –  Mark Bannister Nov 19 '10 at 11:41
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Select the cell holding the values field in the report designer, then check the Format property in the properties window - this will probably be set to something like #,### . To remove the commas from the values field, change the Format property to be # .

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