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Edit: I know how to hide virtual keyboard on a MainScreen (when working with SpinboxField), but I can't hide it when working with a subclass of Screen.

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If that's the answer, I don't think you asked the right question. –  Michael Donohue Nov 18 '10 at 21:44
got it! I must be clearer when asking questions. ...my bad. I've edited the question. –  Tuyen Nguyen Nov 19 '10 at 15:22

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You can use getScreen().getVirtualKeyboard().setVisibility(VirtualKeyboard.HIDE) -- with appropriate null checks after getScreen and getVirtualKeyboard, of course.

Note that this is only possible if you're targeting 4.7 or later -- if you want to support older platforms, you'll need a separate build without this code.

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you can use too


HIDE_FORCE indicates the keyboard should always be hidden when the context has focus, and that displaying the keyboard should not be permitted.


HIDE indicates the keyboard should be hidden either the next time the context has focus, or immediately if the context is already has focus. Subsequently, the visibility state should be automatically saved and restored.

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