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I'm using Ruby on Rails 2.3.8 and permalink-fu plugin. I would like to know how to generate permalinks like this: /posts/44444/this-is-the-title instead of /posts/44444-this-is-the-title

I've tried modifying my Post model as follows:

  has_permalink :title, :update => true

  def to_param

And my routes file as follows:

map.show "/posts/:id/:permalink", :controller => 'posts', :action => 'show'

Then, if I manually type the url with that format, it will work, but if I make a link out of a post in my view as follows, it wont generate the link formatted that way:

<%= link_to p.title, p %>

Where p represents a post.

How can I do so when I call a post like that, I get a permalink formatted as /posts/:id/:permalink instead of /posts/:id-:permalink?

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Try this one...

on model:

def to_params
  [self.id, self.permalink]

on views:

<%= link_to p.title, show_path(p) %>
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