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I have the following css and html...


    <span class='kardashian hide'>Kimmy</span>

with the following jquery.

$('div').live('click', function(){
   alert($('kardashian', this).val());

If I remove the "hide" class I get "Kimmy" like I would expect but when it has the "hide" class I get nothing? How can I get the text of a hidden element in Jquery?

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Missing . Should be $('.kardashian') – Adam Nov 18 '10 at 20:00
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You just need a proper .class selector and .text() (.val() is for inputs), like this:

$('div').live('click', function(){
   alert($('.kardashian', this).text());

The visibility of the element doesn't really affect anything, it'll work whether it's hidden or not.

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Use .text() instead:

alert($('.kardashian', this).text());

The .val() method is used to get the value property of form inputs.

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You forgot the class indicator. Use .kardashian

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