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I have this simple scenario which doesn't work: I use icefaces and i have a simple page with some inputTexts and a submit button, this button will redirect to another page that will display the values of these inputTexts... my question is how can i get the values of these inputTexts from the request and display them in another page?

When i use the following API in the other page backbean, i get only the name of the page that holds the inputTexts:


I really did spent alot of time trying to get this thing to work, so any help will be appreciated.. THx

my page code is:

<ice:form id="form1">
<table border="0">
            <td><ice:outputText value="Name"></ice:outputText><br></br></td>
            <td><ice:inputText id="name" value="#{}"></ice:inputText></td>
            <td><ice:outputText value="End Date"></ice:outputText></td>
            <td><ice:inputText id="endDate" value="#{newContest.endDate}"></ice:inputText></td>
            <td><ice:outputText value="private? (only you can see the entries)"></ice:outputText></td>
            <td><ice:inputText id="private" value="#{newContest.isPublic}"></ice:inputText></td>
            <td><ice:outputText value="Price"></ice:outputText></td>
            <td><ice:inputText id="price" value="#{newContest.price}"></ice:inputText></td>
            <td><ice:outputText value="Description"></ice:outputText></td>
            <td><ice:inputTextarea id="description" value="#{newContest.description}"></ice:inputTextarea></td>
            <td><br></br><ice:commandButton value="proceed to payment" style="color:blue" action="#{newContest.createContest}"></ice:commandButton></td>

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You can bind another bean with current one as a managed property in faces-config.xml as follows.




Bean Content

Class NewContest {

public AnotherBackingBean anotherBackingBean;

//-- set/get & other methods

public String redirectToAnotherBackingBean(){


        //-- set custom fields

        return "view-anotherBackingBean";


Then you can get your fields directly available in other bean which have been set in current bean.

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That worked very fine for me! Thank you very much! only i have one problem left, if add the <redirect/> tag to the navigation rule to have the back button work, the value doesn't appear in the next page! what is that?! – Ahmed Rezk Nov 19 '10 at 8:46

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