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Ok, so I've got a set of data with a certain field that may or may not be overridden by a value stored in a foreign model. So if we have say, an Alpha class with a "foo" property, a FooOverride class might be related and that value would be used instead.

Something like:

class Alpha(models.Model):
  foo = models.IntegerField()

class FooOverride(models.Model):
  alpha = models.OneToOneField(Alpha)
  foo = models.IntegerField()

Now the project calls for these overrides to be off on a separate admin page from the Alpha admin page, with its own set of filters and foo to be editable while in the list. Thing is, we'll need to be able to have all the "Alpha's" visible on the admin, even when a corresponding FooOverride doesn't exist. I figure overriding the FooOverride's ModelAdmin queryset to just reflect the entirety of the Alpha database (with request filters added) and overriding the get_formset might work for this, but it's choking on finding the alpha_id property. It also seems like a mightily grotesque hack.

Has anyone done this in a pleasant way? I'd rather not have to make my own admin view from scratch when so much of it's already done for me in the admin.

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Did you consider to have all of that information one model or to automatically create an FooOverride object for every Alpha object? The way you propose is a bit hacky but should work nonetheless.. – Bernhard Vallant Nov 18 '10 at 20:24
It works pretty nicely when I manually create the Overrides, but I am haunted by the prospect of synchronizing the created ones. There's a bit of data that it needs from the Alpha to populate it, but only if it's not already overridden. – Adam Benzan Nov 18 '10 at 20:26
I might not understand the problek correctly but.. what about using inline admin for FooOverride ? – Tomasz Zielinski Nov 18 '10 at 21:44
Well the idea is to have a kind of change_list style thing with all the "Alpha's" listed (and filtered/searched/sorted) and that one field editable, with the Override being created if necessary upon editing. It'd look similar to an inline admin, for sure. – Adam Benzan Nov 18 '10 at 22:20
Then why not use administrate the Overrides within an inline admin in the Alpha admin? Will not need much tweaking then, just limit the number of inline items to 1 – Bernhard Vallant Nov 19 '10 at 0:08

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