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I've used rake a bit (a Ruby make program), and it has an option to get a list of all the available targets, eg

> rake --tasks
rake db:charset      # retrieve the charset for your data...
rake db:collation    # retrieve the collation for your da...
rake db:create       # Creates the databases defined in y...
rake db:drop         # Drops the database for your curren...

but there seems to be no option to do this in GNU make.

Apparently the code is almost there for it, as of 2007 - http://www.mail-archive.com/help-make@gnu.org/msg06434.html.

Anyway, I made little hack to extract the targets from a makefile, which you can include in a makefile.

    @grep '^[^#[:space:]].*:' makefile

It will give you a list of the defined targets. It's just a start - it doesn't filter out the dependencies, for instance.

> make cmds
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I combined these two answers: http://stackoverflow.com/a/9524878/86967 and http://stackoverflow.com/a/7390874/86967 and did some escaping so that this could be used from inside a makefile.

.PHONY: no_targets__ list
    sh -c "$(MAKE) -p no_targets__ | awk -F':' '/^[a-zA-Z0-9][^\$$#\/\\t=]*:([^=]|$$)/ {split(\$$1,A,/ /);for(i in A)print A[i]}' | grep -v '__\$$' | sort"


$ make -s list
makefile ## this is kind of extraneous, but whatever...
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I have also (recently) discovered that tab-completion under Bash will list available targets. –  nobar Mar 22 at 23:50
Also of note: Some types of makefiles are more conducive than others to having their targets listed. When I add this to an old-style makefile, which explicitly lists every target and every intermediate, the list includes all of those files -- and their dependencies. Listing targets seems to work better with a makefile that uses generic targets and rules. –  nobar Mar 22 at 23:54

Under Bash (at least), this can be done automatically with tab completion:

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Have a look at this question, which sounds similar.

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Have a look at the other question Jack links to, or this gist.github.com/777954 –  pvandenberk Jan 13 '11 at 14:51

If you have bash completion for make installed, the completion script will define a function _make_target_extract_script. This function is meant to create a sed script which can be used to obtain the targets as a list.

Use it like this:

# Make sure bash completion is enabled
source /etc/bash_completion 

# List targets from Makefile
sed -nrf <(_make_target_extract_script --) Makefile
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