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Is there a "Fluent Linq To Entites" that I can use to Setup my dataContext without having to map anything through diagram files?

All I need is to map my db tables to certain domain classes without any need for Lazy-Loading. I tried using LinqToSql but it was a No-Go since my domain classes all inherit from base classes.

Note: We can only use .NET 3.5

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If you can get away from using Entity Framework, you could use Fluent NHibernate + AutoMapping.

Or you could use Linq 2 SQL by decorating your entity with attributes.


public class Product
  [Column(IsPrimaryKey=true, IsDbGenerated=true, AutoSync=AutoSync.OnInsert]
  internal int Id {get;set;}

  public string Name {get;set;}

Then access it using the dbcontext like:

ctx.GetTable<Product>().SingleOrDefault(x=>x.Id == 1);

Along those lines, wrote that off top of my head but you get the gist.

I would go Fluent+AutoMapping.

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There has recently been a CTP release of Entity Framework that provides support for a "Code First" or "Code Only" style of development. I believe those libraries will allow you to setup your context without a map. However, I don't think that there is anything currently released for Entity Framework which will do what you're looking for.

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Correct, but note that it requires .NET 4. – Craig Stuntz Nov 19 '10 at 14:04

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