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I'm using an application (IIPImage) which display an High Resolution Image using a script created with mootools api. I want to insert a floating window in this page. Initially I think to use jquery, BUT I discover that jquery can't coexist with this library, so I need to use mootools to create this floating div. How I can do this? Someone can help me please?


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mootools and jquery can co-exist just fine, given some work - jquery has a .noConflict() mode and mootools won't take over $ (since 1.2.2) if it has already been defined and will revert to using instead. however, IIPImage seems to have been written for 1.2.0 which is old and buggy and does not care about overwriting $ - upgrade mootools to 1.2.5 and replace mentions of $( with in the script or add a closure instead like (function($) { ... code from the zoomer ... })(;

you may need to find any global vars refrences and change them as declared from var foo = to = but all in all, it should not really be a drama.

as for the other solution, you can figure it out here

this is a small bit of code that enables position: fixed for browsers that don't support it (IE before 8 i think)

have fun.

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Thanks a lot :-D I was searching an answer like this, I maked many searches on this argument but i was unable a complete answer. – Lorenzo Pasquinelli Nov 19 '10 at 14:45

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