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i have a big problem my doctor want form me to make calculator using new language(clojure)but i don't know anything about it i read some information from but i still have a problem how to save the code in a file to run it another time and i need the path how to connect java to clojure i found this code :

(ns rayne.main 
  (:import (javax.swing JFrame JTextField JButton JOptionPane) 
           (java.awt.event ActionListener) 
           (java.awt GridLayout))) 

(def numbers (ref [])) 
(def times-clicked (ref 0)) 

(defn calc [nseq op] 
  (let [n1 (first nseq) 
       n2 (last nseq)] 
     (= op "+") (+ n1 n2) 
     (= op "*") (* n1 n2) 
     (= op "-") (- n2 n1) 
     (= op "/") (/ n1 n2)))) 

(defn add-op-button [op text button] 
   (.addActionListener button 
    (proxy [ActionListener] [] 
      (actionPerformed [e] 
       (ref-set times-clicked (inc @times-clicked)) 
       (if (= @times-clicked 2) 
         (let [result (.toString (calc @numbers op)) 
               result2 (read-string result)] 
           (.setText text result) 
           (ref-set numbers []) 
           (ref-set times-clicked 0))) 
         (ref-set numbers (conj @numbers (read-string (.getText text)))) 
         (.setText text "")))))))) 

(defn -main [] 
  (let [frame (JFrame. "Calculator") 
        add-button (JButton. "+") 
        sub-button (JButton. "-") 
        mul-button (JButton. "*") 
        div-button (JButton. "/") 
        clr-button (JButton. "Clear") 
        text-field (JTextField.)] 
    (add-op-button "+" text-field add-button) 
    (add-op-button "-" text-field sub-button) 
    (add-op-button "*" text-field mul-button) 
    (add-op-button "/" text-field div-button) 
(doto frame 
   (.setLayout (GridLayout. 1 5)) 
  (.add text-field) 
  (.add add-button) 
  (.add sub-button) 
  (.add mul-button) 
  (.add div-button) 
  (.setSize 500 100) 
  (.setVisible true)))) 

so when i try to test it i don't know how it work . please i need some one to help me in this problem and send me a link to install a clojure program to execute such a file. thank's for all

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Indent code by four spaces to make it format right – Rafe Kettler Nov 18 '10 at 22:23
edited to indent code – Arthur Ulfeldt Nov 18 '10 at 23:41
I could not understand the question, can someone who understands the question edit the English? – Zubair Dec 29 '10 at 18:04

Sounds like a great reason to lean a fun new language.

for getting started with new clojure pojects the leiningen tool can get you to the point of compiling and running code very quickly. (i'm assuming mac or linux here)

  • install leiningen
  • lein new project-name
  • put your code in the project-name/src/ ... /core.clj file
  • lein uberjar
  • java -jar name-of-jar-file
  • repeat, hack, and have some fun!

Leiningen can also start a repl for you which will speed up you iterations and integrates well (through slime/swank) with emacs.

here is a good tutorial on leiningen

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thanks for your help but the problem that i need a program that work on windows operating system not lunix or sun:S.I think leiningen work on lunix not windows operating system:(right? – amani Nov 22 '10 at 12:17 has a nice section called Getting Started that is about ... getting started. From getting the clojure zip file to debugging and profiling. Very, very basic.

Also has links to more advanced resources.

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thanks alot,i enter this page but i don't understand what did they means by clojure zip file?can you help me – amani Nov 22 '10 at 12:30
This is what you would download from here: . The actual link to the latest stable clojure release is – Allen Nov 27 '10 at 13:17

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