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Is it possible to use a function like DATEADD() or DATEPART() on a varchar column that may or may not hold something that looks like a datetime?

Currently I'm trying this by using a WHERE clause to select only rows that have datetime values in this column and getting the usual arithmetic overflow error.

I could perform some sort of operation to extract just the datetime values and put them in a temp table but I'm curious about this.


SELECT DATEPART(wk, DateCreated) FROM tblOrders WHERE colType = 'datetime'

Don't worry about the table design, it's not as bad as that.

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Don't worry about the table design, it's not as bad as that.

Seems unlikely, but...

Use IsDate

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A little punch and a a proper answer in just three lines... :-) –  Alberto Martinez Nov 18 '10 at 22:56
I never even thought of using IsDate(). But still, I couldn't use DATEPART() on the column with this in my WHERE clause. Ended up going the temp table route anyway because, as it turns out, the table design sucks harder than I initially realised. Also edited my post after some frustration in creating a report today. –  Ciaran Nov 19 '10 at 22:52

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