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I would like to know which one is better/faster/lighter?

public var myInjection:MyInjection;


public var injector:IInjector;

protected var _myInjection:MyInjection;

public function get myInjection():MyInjection{
    if(!_myInjection) _myInjection = injector.getInstance(MyInjection);
    return _myInjection;


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well the first one is appropriate. The second is weird.

You've injected the IInjector in a couple of questions. In all of the robotlegs apps I've built I have never needed to inject the injector. The only time I've needed to do that is when I was writing framework extensions/utils.

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I have a feeling that the first is faster. SwiftSuspenders keeps a cache of injection points for each injectee - the second method would probably not take advantage of that caching.

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