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<script type="text/javascript"> 
  jQuery(".div21").animate({"right": "+=200px"}, "slow");
<a href="#" class="click">
<div class="div11" style="float:left;">
<h1 class="font1" style="z-index:5;">text1</h1>
<div class="div12">
<div class="div13"> 
<img src="img1.jpg">
<b class="effect" style="z-index:10;"></b>
<a href="#" class="click">
<div class="div21" style="float:right;">
<h1 class="font2" style="z-index:5;">text2</h1>
<div class="div22">
<div class="div23">
<img src="img2.jpg">
<b class="effect" style="z-index:10;"></b>

I need a jquery animation. When I click img1.jpg, img2.jpg will animate right 200px, but I have too many divs and other html elements, I tried many times, it also failed. How to write correctly?

PS: H1, the font is on the top of the image, and b class="effect" is some fadein effect, it should be the toppest of the all.

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You need to add position:relative to the style attribute of div21 in order for it to animate the 'right' value.

<div class="div21" style="float:right; position:relative;">

Alternatively, you can also set the position to absolute and the right value to 0 initially.

<div class="div21" style="position:absolute; right: 0;">

Also, if the event handler is never being called, try wrapping your binding function in an anonymous function and passing it in to jQuery so it gets called after jQuery is loaded.

jQuery(function() {
    jQuery(".font1").click(function() {

As another note, you are missing the closing anchor tag </a> at the end of your example.

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