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If you see google finance or other such charts, they usually have a small pentagon on the chart that indicates when the divident was paid.

alt text

note the D markers in the screenshot In this link you will see A,B,C,D .... along the charts X-Axis. If you choose a larger data range say 2005- 2010 , then you will see blue divident markers along the x-Axis.

Is there any thing in Flex that will allow us to do that ? What is that feature known as?

Regards, Shah

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Without having access to their code, but understanding quite a bit about the Flex Charting components that you will find in the standard Flex SDK, I can say with almost complete certainty that the google finance charts are not using Flex Charting.

That said, you can extend the Flex charts and do some fairly powerful things. This includes custom markers.

the truth is, that building a custom chart element is not necessarily a simple task. With power comes complexity, and to build even a simple chart extension, there’s a fair amount of learning to be done about how the journey is made from data values to pictures on the screen.

Here is a great post about adding extra elements and layers to your charts. The article is a bit older, but the Flex Charts haven't changed much since it was written. It should give a basic idea about what it takes to start customizing your charts.

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Thank you Joel, I see a few things in the link that closely match my needs . Reading the article now... – Shah Al Nov 19 '10 at 15:54

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