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I compiled google v8 into v8.lib using VS2005. Can I link this in C++ Builder 2007?

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to Eric M: I got this error,it seem that v8.lib is a COFF format lib while c++builder expecting a OMF one [ILINK32 Error] Error: 'E:\DOC\OPENSOURCE\C++\V8\V8.LIB' contains invalid OMF record, type 0x21 (possibly COFF) – aztack Nov 19 '10 at 2:43

No, it is not possible to reuse a .lib from MSVC to C++Bulder. They use a different file format and use different runtime libraries.

Like Victor said make a straight C DLL in MSVC and use a the builder tool (IMPLIB.exe?) to create the stub .lib for C++Builder -or- just rebuild the whole project in builder.

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Yes, you can. I do it all the time. What you will need to do is find out the calling convention used within the LIB. Within your C++ Builder project manager, add the LIB file to the list of source files so the linker knows to include it at link time. I assume you have the header files that prototype the LIB contents....

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Are you talking about linking a static library built with Visual Studio to Borland C++? I don't believe this is possible because the two tool-chains use completely different object formats under the hood. aztack's comment indicates the trouble one runs into when tried. OTOH linking against a dll with an import stub is possible if it's exposed as a C-library. – greatwolf Oct 31 '11 at 2:51

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