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I've been doing PHP for a while now, never needed assistance, but totally confused this time. I have a single line of code with one echo statement.

Problem: URL parameters are automatically assuming PHP variable values of the same name. For example, I have a URL with a parameter named 'var_name' like this:


and a 1-line PHP script with a variable named 'var_name', like this:

echo $var_name;

then I get output on the page of: abc123

This is the only code in the PHP page! This behavior is exactly how I expect $_GET to work, but I'm not using it.

I am having this problem only on 1 specific server, which is running PHP 5.2. I have tested on 4 other servers, none have this behavior. I assume it's a PHP config issue, but running default config and can't find anything in config documention. Please help.

Thanks in advance. Matt-

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This is called register globals. If a server has register globals turned on, then you can do this.

I would recommend not to have register globals on any server. Since it can introduce a security flaw in your system.

An example of a security flaw with this.

if($auth == true)
    // sensitive stuff here

If auth is just a regular variable, then I can do this in the URL.


And see the sensitive information.

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Thanks for the quick response. Never used register_globals, never want to again. That's a gaping hole of vulnerability. Thanks guys. – Matt Smith Nov 19 '10 at 0:55

You probably have register_globals enabled:

See the manual for info.

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