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In zsh, I have a function called g which acts like this:

  • with no arguments, call git status
  • with one or more arguments, delegate to git with all given arguments - i.e. call git $@

I would like the tab completions for g to be exactly the same as for git. I can achieve this with alias g=git, but that doesn't allow me to call status by default (the first point above).

How can I delegate to the completion for git?

In bash, I simply did complete -F _git g which re-uses git's completion function. With zsh, git's completion looks much more complex, and I wan't able to find a similar solution.

I'd guess there's some function in zsh to say "pretend I typed command [x], what would you complete it to?". If I knew what that was, it should be simple enough to use a function to delegate to it. But I've found no such function in the manuals.

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Thank you for the tip on how to make it work in bash! – Paweł Gościcki May 26 '11 at 9:16
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The documentation for compdef says this:

The function compdef can be used to associate existing completion functions with new commands. For example,

compdef _pids foo

But adapting it (_git is the usual completion function for git) did not produce a working result for me (even after _git had been autoloaded):

compdef _git g

I was able to get it to work via _dispatch though:

compdef '_dispatch git git' g
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That's weird. I have the same thing happening, but other completion functions work just fine with the first command. – Dennis Williamson Nov 19 '10 at 2:53
excellent, thank you very much! As for why the first doesn't work, Perhaps the completion for _git is sufficiently custom that just redirecting it isn't enough to get it to respond with anything useful? (i.e maybe it checks that the command starts with "git") – gfxmonk Nov 19 '10 at 3:56
Any idea how compdef '_dispatch git git' g can be adjusted to make g auto-complete like git-status, rather than just git? – Galder Zamarreño Aug 29 '12 at 9:40

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