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I am facing a problem about encoding.

For example, I have a message in XML, whose format encoding is "UTF-8".


Now, this message is supporting multiple languages:

  • Traditional Chinese (big5),
  • Simple Chinese (gb),
  • English (utf-8)

    And it will only change the encoding in specific fields.
    For example (Traditional Chinese),

    蘋果 1.3 橙 1.2 .......

    Only "蘋果" and "橙" are using big5, "<product_name>" and "</product_name>" are still using utf-8.
    <price>1.3</price> and <price>1.2</price> are using utf-8.

How do I know which word is using different encoding?

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It looks like whoever is providing the XML is providing incorrect XML. They should be using a consistent encoding.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/jchardet/files/ is a pretty good heuristic charset detector. It's a port of the one used in Firefox to detect the encoding of pages that are missing a charset in content-type or a BOM.

You could use that to try and figure out the encoding for substrings in a malformed XML file if you can't get the provider to fix their output.

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you should use only one encoding in one xml file. there are counterparts of the characters of big5 in the UTF_8 encoding.

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Because I cannot get the provider to fix the output, so I should be handle it by myself and I cannot use the extend library in this project.

I only can solve that like this,

String str = new String(big5String.getByte("UTF-8"));

before display the message.

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It is not a good solution, but I only know this way to solve the problem. Does anybody has other better solutions? –  Roy Nov 19 '10 at 3:44

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