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I am currently using Pivotal Tracker and I like it for its features. The project I am working on though is basically just a hobby game project on the side (even though I plan to sell it when I am done). So while I do want to advance and work on it in a timely matter, I really don't feel like being "timed" with iterations like Pivotal Tracker does.

I really like Trac, but I don't want to host it on my home server because I don't run that server 24/7 and I have another person working on the project that doesn't have access to my server. So I want that person to be able to access the tracker at all times. So are there any project trackers like Trac that are hosted?


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This should probably be on webapps – Andrew Barber Nov 19 '10 at 3:26

It looks like SourceForge can do what you want. Free hosting with issue tracking, etc.

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But my project isn't open source. I don't want to make the code public. Isn't SourceForge an open source hosting site? – QAH Nov 19 '10 at 6:11

Check out something like Assembla. For a relatively low price, they'll have issue tracking, SVN hosting, and even a simple wiki.

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I was able to find a good tracker called Acunote ( It is really good, and free for my project requirements.

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