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I'm building an application as part of a course project which allows users to rate an place/event .

My basic question is how should I proceed in this ? In what language should I write my code ?

If a user provides a 5-star rating, how do I collect it and put it in the database ?

Any guidelines on how to put the initial steps would be very helpful as my knowledge relating to web services is very weak.

Any help/pointers to more information would be very appreciated

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You want to build an application -but what kind of application - Web / Thick Client? How do you intend to use Web Services? Decide what language to use? Why is your question marked "database" ? I am confused - what help are you looking for??? –  InSane Nov 19 '10 at 4:11
Objective of the project is this - you see a list of places/events on the UI of your web browser. The user should be able to rate the event/place he visited. Once the user rates the event, the UI informs the webservice of the rating and the webservice submits the rating into the database. A broad picture of how to approach this (what language/framework to be used for the webservice) how to achieve the overall objective ? –  Sharat Chandra Nov 19 '10 at 4:44

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