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What is the best way to discover what USB drives are connected, where they are mounted, and their unique details like Serial number, PID and which USB Hub port they are connected to? Something similar to what USBlyzer does for Windows but programmatically.

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By the way, for Windows, you don't need USBlyzer, you can use the builtin and very powerful WMIC command –  AlcubierreDrive May 7 '13 at 21:28

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You can use Terminal and execute:

system_profiler SPUSBDataType

It will show all connected USB devices, with detailed information.

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If you want to get it programatically add the -xml flag for a plist of the results –  GP89 Oct 5 '12 at 11:27

The Finder has an "about this mac" option under the Apple at the upper left. Ask for more info and follow the devices===> USB tree to find your answers. In a shell or another executing module, I have no idea how to retrieve this info.

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Thank you, that is exactly the information I need, except I need to get it programmatically! –  Abdullah Jibaly Jan 8 '09 at 22:23
A shell script would be perfect. –  Abdullah Jibaly Jan 8 '09 at 22:23
The system_profiler command does it from the terminal. –  Abdullah Jibaly Jan 16 '09 at 23:50

USB Prober is the most useful tool. It can be found at /Developer/Applications/Utilities/USB Prober.

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(USB Prober is part of the separate IOUSBFamily package under Developer Downloads) –  conny Nov 1 '13 at 8:54

I'm not an expert of I/O on Mac OS X, but I've heard of I/O Kit, which may be a good starting point.

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