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In Actionscript 3.0, how do I check if var myObject:Object is functionally identical to {}?

I take it I can't do ...

if (myObject == {}) {
  // etc

... because Objects are reference types, right?

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Check that it exists at least one field :

function isEmptyObject(myObject:Object):Boolean {
 var isEmpty:Boolean=true;

 for (var s:String in myObject) {
   isEmpty = false;

 return isEmpty;
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There shouldn't be any reason to use a temporary variable, as one could simply use return false; inside the for statement. –  h2ooooooo Jul 23 '13 at 18:47

This works with dynamic object and classes, to check if an object contains fields this should be a more general solution

import flash.utils.describeType;

var test:String = "test";

var data:XML = describeType(test);
trace(data..accessor.length() > 0 || data..variable.length() > 0)
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Although I was asking about dynamic objects, this is an excellent answer! (and welcome to SO!) –  aaaidan Jun 7 '12 at 7:09

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