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I'm writing a form validation script for a form with multiple ratings, and I'd like to insert a bit of text that says "give a rating!" for each rating the user misses. I wrote the code below to do this, but I'm running into a problem where the give_rating node is only appended to the last node on the form. I know that this is because appendChild basically moves a node instead of duplicating it, and I tried solving this using cloneNode but that just breaks my JS entirely.

Anyway, here's the code. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help,


var give_rating = document.createElement('span');
give_rating.className='small red';
give_rating.innerHTML = '<strong> &nbsp;Give a rating!</strong>';


When I use the code above code give_rating is only appended to 'rating2'.


When I use this code the entire script fails. How do I add an instance of "Give a rating!" for each rating on my form that the user fails to fill out?

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JavaScript is case-sensitive: True should be true (lower case).

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OMG casablanca, I literally downloaded Firebug right after submitting this question, ran Console and figured this out. Thanks for your response. JS drives me nuts :) – Chris Nov 19 '10 at 5:02

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