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I have created multiple Item templates (in C#) and they are being created, however when I want to add the newly created item the new class is not renamed to what I type in the Add Item dialogue.

If I for instance create a class named "Template", export this class as a template and try to add it as "MyClass" then the file name will be "MyClass" but the actual class will still be named "Template"

I watched a video on how to create item templates and am doing (as far as I can tell) the exact same thing.

I am using VS Express.. Is this an issue?

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Some of my templates do this and others do not. I'm not using express so I don't think that's the issue –  uhl7792 Jul 21 '11 at 16:03
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You can open up the item template and make appropriate file name modifications. I found this article extremely useful:


Basically you can use the $filename$ token anywhere in your code file.

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