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I Have two views(scrollview and topview) on a window each of frame (0,0,320,480),

[window addsubview:scrollview];
[window addsubview:topview];

In scrollview i am doing zooming,pinching operation and in topview view i have placed some buttons. My problem is i want to handle touches to both views like user can do pinching in scrollview and also he must be able to press buttons on topview. ( I am not adding topview on scrollview because these buttons are fixed if i add they also scroll).

I am getting touches to only one view at a time. How to handle touches to both subviews any idea.


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What are you having in top view? only buttons?

If yes, then remove them from top view and place them directly on to the window and bring them to front.

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Instead of adding directly to window, I added a view above window and in that i placed both scrollview and buttons. It solved my problem( If i click of button it will respond otherwise control goes to scrollView) –  Chandan Shetty SP Nov 22 '10 at 5:16

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