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I was wondering what is the best algorithm for URL shortening. I noticed most people do the following:

1) Get Unique auto generated id from database. 2) Encode unique auto generated id to Base 64 value.

Its kind of obvious to a user what previous url's might be. What can I do to make it harder for the user to figure out what algorithm I'm using?

Thank you, Tesh

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Generate an id at random and check to see if it has been used already?

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What if two people get the same random number at the same time? How do I account for that? That is why I was using the auto generated id after inserting a value into a table. I'm using mysql. Do I have to do some type of locking of the table and see if it exists. If it exists, try another random number? –  Tesh Nov 19 '10 at 13:09
After generating check whether the number already exists. If not regenerate. If there are too many regeneration. U need to increase the bucket size –  vinothkr Nov 22 '10 at 5:01

May be you can use a SHA to hash it

EDIT: Better generate a random number and hash it as Jon pointed out

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First of all, it's not a good idea to put authentication information (e.g. usernames and passwords) in URLs (users would reveal their passwords simply by copy/pasting links, etc.).

That said, if you want to obscure the order that URLs were added to the shortening service, you could use the output of a cryptographic hash function such as MD5 or SHA1 (which is considered "irreversible", i.e. infeasible to derive the input from the output), base-64 encode that, and take eight characters, for example. The input to the hash function could be the URL (possibly the current time as well).

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I tried your idea where I md5 my auto generated integer id. Then I encoded 64. I get a long string YzRjYTQyMzhhMGI5MjM4MjBkY2M1MDlhNmY3NTg0OW. Are you saying I take the first 8 characters of this? If I do then I would have to make sure those first 8 don't already exists for previous urls right? –  Tesh Nov 19 '10 at 13:13

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