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I am going to work in SaaS Application. I dont know even a single word in SaaS..I want to know what are the advantages and why we are going to SaaS..Whether SaaS is a architecture like 3-Tier,MVC etc., or else its a package.....Kindly guide me

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It's more of a deployment and marketing technique than a software development methodology or architecture -- delivering "Software as a Service" instead of as a product. On the plus side, it ensures an ongoing relationship between vendor and customer; on the minus side, it can be a painful lock-in for a client and a constant support headache for a vendor.

Google Apps is a prototypical example of SaaS -- it's an office productivity application that relies heavily on vendor-hosted functionality and is delivered via the Web. Other forms of SaaS include pure-API services like PayPal Virtual Terminal which are intended to provide functionality to be integrated with a customer's existing line-of-business system. In the degenerate case, even a fairly ordinary software application such as an electronic medical office software suite may be viewed as a partial SaaS offering because such software is nearly useless without a constant stream of updates delivered to account for the rapidly-changing pharmaceutical and billing landscapes.

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