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I find after Mongoid 2.0, Rails 3 is require. The last Rails 2 compatible version is 1.9.2 which have many bugs.

Question is: 1. Does Mongoid will support Rails 2? 2. Where I can find Mongoid 1.9.2 source code (There is no 1.9.2 tag on github mongoid git repo). So I can fix some bugs myself.


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Mongoid 1.9.2 lives in the legacy git branch. Mongoid 1.9.2 is currently the most recent Mongoid version compatibile with Rails 2.

I believe they are focusing their effort on Rails 3, given that the main master branch contains Mongoid 2.0.0. Also, Mongoid makes a huge use of Rails 3 features such as ActiveModel, so I won't expect they will continue to support Rails 2 for a long time.

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Thanks Simone!!! –  allenwei Nov 20 '10 at 12:43

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