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I've got an issue with Apache and Single Sign-on, which I cannot work out without good references as I am not a pro in Apache configuration. I tried to search in Amazon.com and found the matched book: Apache security has only three pages for this topic so I don't think it as a good reference in this case.

I am going to set up Apache test environment right now and will load the necessary modules, but I wonder if there is any good materials that I could follow? Of course I would search and Read The Fine Manuals from Apache website.

Many thanks to the suggestions in advance.

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Hi i like this one "Preventing Web Attacks with Apache" Author: Ryan C Barnett http://www.amazon.com/Preventing-Attacks-Apache-Ryan-Barnett/dp/0321321286 and this small article http://www.petefreitag.com/item/505.cfm

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