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I am using a webservice in myproject.I wrote a webservice client method, when I call this method I get the json object which has the data. Then I extract that object in jsp and using it to display. the problem is: I need to display some arabic characters here which I am getting from json object.when I send it to browser it is displaying صـيدلية ســد مــــأرب like characters instead of arabic characters.

JSON Oject:

"results": [
     "attributes": {
      "OBJECTID": "35",
      "FACILITYTYPE": "Pharmacy",
      "FACILITYSUBTYPE": "24 Hr Pharmacy",
      "COMMERCIALNAME_A": "صـيدلية ســد مــــأرب",
      "TELEPHONE": "5832625",
      "FAX": "5833266",
    "geometryType": "esriGeometryPoint",
      "attributes": {
      "OBJECTID": "1",
      "FACILITYTYPE": "Pharmacy",
      "FACILITYSUBTYPE": "24 Hr Pharmacy",
      "COMMERCIALNAME_A": "صيدلة مستشفى غياثي",
      "TELEPHONE": "28741666",
      "FAX": "28742008",
    "geometryType": "esriGeometryPoint",

displaying data in jsp:

 <%   for (Object object : results) {
  JSONObject jobj = (JSONObject)object;
   if ( jobj != null && jobj.containsKey( "attributes" ) )
    JSONObject att= (JSONObject) jobj.get("attributes");


<tr ><td ><span><%= att.get("COMMERCIALNAME_E") %></span></td>
<tr ><td ><span><%= att.get("COMMERCIALNAME_A") %></span></td>
<td ><span><%= att.get("TELEPHONE") %></span></td>
<td ><span><%= att.get("FAX") %></span></td>
<%}} %>

When I run this JSP, I am getting unwanted characters instead of Arabic characters. Where I did wrong?

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This could have something to do with the encoding of the page. You will certainly need a unicode encoding (which includes those special characters) whereas you probably are using the standard utf-8 (which does not).

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Put this in top of your JSP.

<%@ page pageEncoding="UTF-8" %>

This will instruct the server to write and send the data in JSP as UTF-8, and it will also add a response header which instructs the client (browser) to interpret the data as UTF-8. Otherwise the system's default will be used (which is often ISO-8859-1 which doesn't contain Arabic characters).

See also this article for background information and solutions to Unicode problems: Unicode - How to get the characters right?

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Hi thank you for giving answer.But I wrote this code already but it is not working.Could you give me other solutions please? –  Venkatesh Goud Nov 23 '10 at 7:27

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