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I have installed Python 2.7 for Windows, and downloaded Django-1.2.3. Now, I want to build my first website with them. How can I get to the first hello world page, in a browser? Can I use Apache/XAMPP to go to http://localhost ? What are the base principles to get a website working? Thank you

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Why didn't you read the tutorial? –  S.Lott Nov 19 '10 at 10:58

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Just read the excellent and thorough Django tutorial. Django comes with a built-in simple web-server that you can run your websites on. It's just a Python script you run, and then you go to a port on localhost (by default port 8000). It's really quite simple and well-explained in the tutorial.

Specifically, look at the section named "The development server" in the page I linked to.

Personally I found this basic web-server to be very useful for all stages of website development.

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It's extremely handy.. spits out all the Http requests, can print out emails too instead of actually sending them... does lots of cool stuff, except if you do try to send real emails with it, there seems to be a bug that screws up line breaks that isn't actually present on apache. –  Mark Nov 19 '10 at 8:10
# django-admin.py startproject myone
# cd myone
# python manage.py runserver
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