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i user APACHE with PHP. if we use FTP program like filezilla. we will have field information about Permission (777) and Owner/Group (99 99) in *NIX i understand how to translate the Permission like 777

  • 4 = Read
  • 2 = Write
  • 1 = eXecute

where its mean RW = 42 = 6

but what about Owner/Group = 99 99

How to translate it??

Many Thanks

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These are owner and group ids, so in the permission block :

  • first number refers to owner rights (uid 99)
  • second number refers to owner group rights (gid 99)
  • third number refers to others rights

In your case, 777 is read/write/execute for owner, owner group, and others.

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i still didn't understand. how we can know if 99 means root? – GusDeCooL Nov 19 '10 at 14:07
@GusDe Cool: actually root is always (I think) uid 0. Anyway, does it really matter as root is root ? =/ He can get through the permissions anyway – icecrime Nov 19 '10 at 14:09

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