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I need to create downloading bar, when URL is loading on UIWebview to my application.

I need to following format when URL is loading time to my application.

alt text

If anybody know the solution for this, please help me.


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THIS WILL HELP UIPROGRESS IN WEBVIEW [1]: stackoverflow.com/a/19173341/2314592 –  Cristiana214 Oct 4 '13 at 5:07

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I suggest using the native UIProgressView for this.

To do that, use UIWebViewDelegate and implement webViewDidStartLoad: and webViewDidFinishLoad:.

I don't think it's possible to easily show an indicator about how much of resources have been loaded so far due to the fact that UIWebView is rather limited on iOS, you'd have to create some kind of smooth, timed animation.

If I was you, I'd go for UIActivityIndicatorView to display that "spinning circle" indicator while the page is loading.

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hi BastiBense, i created like that using UIProgressView by your advice. I used webViewDidFinishLoad and webViewDidFinishLoad and then i did some calculation. like as this link. stackoverflow.com/questions/4255261/… Thanks BastiBense.. –  Velmurugan Nov 24 '10 at 10:49

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