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I want to use issuu.documents.list to list my document from issuu, It work fine. But when I add two more parameters startIndex and pageSize, it doesn't work. Here is my signing request:


and My request url:[apiKey]&access=private&startIndex=0&pageSize=20&format=xml&responseParams=title%2CdocumentId&signature=[signature]

So, may you show me what's wrong in my syntax with startIndex and pageSize parameters? Many thanks,

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Can you provide the error message, if any, that you are receiving. "Doesn't work" can mean a lot of different things. – NotMe Dec 3 '10 at 22:28

All requests to the issuu api have to be signed (as you know). Before creating an md5 hash of your signature, you must first order all the keys alphabetically.





So in your example, you have startIndex positioned before responseParams when it really should go after it.

Alphabetically ordering the keys in your signature is a requirement of Issuu's API as documented here.

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