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I'm thinking about which threading library to use for a relatively small C++ project that has to run on x86, x86_64 and powerpc architectures.

The project is using ActiveMQ, which provides the decaf::lang::Thread and decaf::util::concurrent facilities. I have no experience with this library and cannot find any tutorial/examples, only documentation?

Has one of you guys/girls ever worked with decaf threading? Can you tell me your experiences and do a little comparison to other products you know?

Thank you, bb

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Looks like ActiveMQ's decaf::util::concurrent facilities are pretty nice in that they provide some concurrent containers and a thread pool facility, but I'd still probably vote for using boost::thread since it appears to be much more well-documented, unless you can anticipate a situation where your threads would need to actually conform to the ActiveMQ thread type signature, but after some quick searching I can't find a lot of indication that that would be necessary. boost::thread is pretty mature, very portable, very feature-complete and has the bonus of being very well-documented.

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