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I'm opened opening a process (with C++/Windows) using

if( CreateProcessA( NULL,   // No module name (use command line)
   (LPSTR)path, //argv[1],        // Command line
    NULL,           // Process handle not inheritable
    NULL,           // Thread handle not inheritable
    FALSE,          // Set handle inheritance to FALSE
    creationFlags,              // No creation flags
    NULL,           // Use parent's environment block
    NULL,           // Use parent's starting directory 
    &startInfo,            // Pointer to STARTUPINFO structure
    &processInfo )           // Pointer to PROCESS_INFORMATION structure



and then I'm trying to stackwalk it with

bool ok = StackWalk64(IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_I386,m_ps.Handle ,m_th.Handle, 
    &m_stackframe, &m_threadContext,
    0, NULL, NULL, 0); 

but stackwalk just gives me the top address and the next one is 0, while I know there are more addresses in the stack.

Does anybody know what's the problem?
thanks :)

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It's impossible to tell based on this snippet. There's so much you have to set up correctly in order for this to work. Check out the logic at this detailed blog post.

Post more code if you can post a bigger but not too big sample. How are you setting up the STACKFRAME and CONTEXT structures? Are you looping on StackWalk64? Any given call only returns one stack frame.

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I already had this working well when I created the process only with the " CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE" flag, but now I need to stackwalk a debugged process. the flags in "CreateProcess" are the only differences I've made... – Idov Nov 19 '10 at 14:58
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oops... I forget to call "ContinueDebugEvent" after receiving events from the debugged process - so it stayed paused and the StackWalk was infact correct. :)

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