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I've always been using Regex to check for user's input validity, ie checking for a correct mail adress, serial number, etc...

Now I want to check that the user input is, let's say, a number contained between : 78 and 143.

We're not quite analysing the user's input, but interpreting it and analysing after...

Would the Regex still be useful ? Would it be a good practice to use Regexs in that case ?

What would be the best way to control that kind of input ?

Thanks for your advices!

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Maybe you need the RangeValidator instead of the RegularExpressionValidator. The Regex adds complexity to a simple problem, so it's less useful, and therefore, not the best practice.

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Thank you, see my comment on Sachin Shanbhag's answer. I entered a simple example on purpose... –  Andy M Nov 19 '10 at 12:33

I dont think regex is useful in this case. You can just use normal > and < operators for your cause.

Probably if you get this validation on client side, that will just be good too (unless your case is user-specific and needs server side validation)

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Actually, It's just a simple example of the different cases I have to solve... Of course I could simply use that, but the entries will be much more complicated than 78 or 143. –  Andy M Nov 19 '10 at 12:30

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