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I have a very specific problem. I had a django project which was running the application django-brookie. Everything worked fine. I have since added django-grappelli to my project and everything works except for one small thing.

If you create a new invoice or quote it should total up the amount in your currency automatically. This is not working anymore and I really can't figure out why. Perhaps something with brookie's javascript clashing with grappelli's javascript?

Any suggestions welcome and if you need more info just ask.

Here is a screenshot of the items. When I place time in minutes it totals up without grappelli:alt text

Here you can see when I put in my time it doesn't total up anything. This has grappelli as you can see in the screenshot:alt text

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pinda a developer on the django-brookie very kindly helped me out. The update to the brookie.js file will now fix that problem for whoever wants to have django-grappelli and django-brookie running together.

Currently you have to do a git clone or pull to get the changes.

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