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I have many tables which their ID columns' name is different but column name subjected to update stays same.

For example


fooID | x | y | UPDATEME | t | ..
barID | a | UPDATEME | b | ..
bazID | UPDATEME | m | l | ..

As you can see, the ID column is always first but column names changing. And I want to update UPDATEME column regardless the ID columns name.


How can I accomplish this? I am aware of ORDER BY column_order syntax but I can't use this in WHERE clause.

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It isn't obvious what your problem is. Can't you just build the SQL with the correct id column dynamically? – Marcelo Cantos Nov 19 '10 at 13:12

There is no SQL syntax to do that. But you can access DB metadata (INFORMATION_SCHEMA) to generate your update sentences.

Something like this:

       'update ',
       ' set updateme=1212 where ', 
  from information_schema.columns 
 where ordinal_position = 1;
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