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I am creating a Quartz.NET application in C#, and creating a bunch of administration webpages (C#/ASP.NET) so users can easily create jobs, set datamap fields and edit datamap fields.

I'm having some trouble editting jobs data maps though - any changes I make aren't saved at all. Is there anything I need to call after modifying the jobs data map?


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To anyone that has trouble too, this is easily solved by calling the AddJob method of the schedule variable

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If you are using Quartz.Net version 1+ you must implement Quartz.IStatefulJob interface for your jobs.

public class MyJob : Quartz.IStatefulJob

This interface is obsolete in Quartz.Net 2+ so you have to add [Quartz.PersistJobDataAfterExecutionAttribute()] to your job class. Also you may need to add [Quartz.DisallowConcurrentExecutionAttribute()] to your job class.

public class MyJob : Quartz.IJob
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