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I am adding values held within an array but the sum is +1 what it actually should be.

//update totalscore
    uint newTotalScore;

    for (uint i=0; i< [bestscoresArray count] ; i++) {      
        newTotalScore += [[bestscoresArray objectAtIndex:i] intValue];  


    totalscore = newTotalScore;

//output l1bestscore=15900, l2bestscore=7800, l3bestscore=81000, l4bestscore=81000, l5bestscore=0, l6bestscore=0, l7bestscore=0, l8bestscore=0, l9bestscore=0, l10bestscore=0, totalscore=185701

As you can see the totalscore output is 185701 but the sum of all values is 185700.

Would anyone have any ideas why this is occurring?



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You must define newTotalScore's initial value:

uint newTotalScore = 0;

Otherwise it will be undefined. In your case it was 1 but it could have been any other value.

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Not sure about this, but did you try initializing newTotalScore to zero? (See this question about variable initialization.) If that does not help, give us more code.

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