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I'm trying to write my own jquery plugin. My goal is to attach it to a form to override submission. I have the basics down, but my problem lies in "exposing" events.

Here is what I want to do:


    setting1: 'somevalue',
    beforesubmit: function(){ ... }


Here's what I have so far

$.fn.myplugin= function (options) {

    var settings = {
        setting1: '',
        beforesubmit: function() { return true; }

    return this.each(function () {
        // If options exist, lets merge them
        // with our default settings
        if (options) {
            $.extend(settings, options);

        //fire beforesubmit

        $(this).live("submit", function(){

            //do stuff



The ?? lies in how I fire the event off. I want to have other events too, like onerror, aftersubmit, etc.

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You can just call the method, replacing this:

//fire beforesubmit

With this:

if(settings.beforesubmit) settings.beforeSubmit();

You can also do this, adding whatever callback parameters you want, for example:

if(settings.beforesubmit) settings.beforeSubmit.call(this, someVariable);

An alternative (not appropriate for some situations) is to trigger your own events and let the jQuery binding model do the work, for example:


Then elsewhere, bind to the event, for example:

$(".someElement").bind("beforeSubmit", function() { alert("submit!"); });
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