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Whilst learning Objective C I've gotten used to how the @property and @synthesize works.

//usual way
@synthesize world;

But recently I've come across practices were @synthesize is like this:

//new way
@synthesize world=world_;

Could someone explain why this technique is used please?



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I believe this is used to avoid confusion between the actual ivar name and the property name. so you can have

@interface MyClass : NSObject
    NSObject *_myObjActualIVar;
@property (retain) NSObject *myObjProperty;


@implementation MyClass
@synthesize myObjProperty = _myObjActualIVar;

- (void) someMethod: (NSObject *)someOtherObject
    [_myObjActualIVar release]; // here I know I'm accessing the ivar

    self.myObjProperty = someOtherObject; // here I know I'm using the setter method

    //myObjProperty = someOtherObject; // if I accidentally try to do this
    //self._myObjActualIVar;           // or this, the compiler will tell me


and then it makes it harder for you or some other developer working on this class to inadvertently access the ivar when you actually wanted the property or vice-versa. The different names make it clearer which is which.

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from the Objective-C 2 manual:

You can use the form property=ivar to indicate that a particular instance variable should be used for the property, for example:

@synthesize firstName, lastName, age = yearsOld
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